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A House is not a Home...

I wanted to share with you a note I had shared with our company. It is not an ad for MNET but a position I am seeing held by this new generation of experienced mortgage banking organizations around the country. These regional firms have stayed true to themselves and built solid organizations that are coming out of their shells to seize today's opportunities. That being said companies like ours reflect those veterans who are the backbones inside them.

Just because the big guys got it wrong or brokers got squeezed out doesn't mean you can rest on your laurels. Survival isn't a validation of your way of business for the future, it just confirms you made the right decisions in the past. We must conitnue to ask uncomfortable questions of ourselves, our companies, and our industry, so we can feel comfortable later that we made the right decisions and are at home in our skin. 


It just keeps getting better! Our veteran team of employee partners, 36 of who have been more than 10 years with the company and sport some nice bling for it, are joined by solid industry veterans who themselves had spent more than 10 years at their companies. They didn’t want to leave their companies, but their companies left them by being sold, merged or just lost interest in the mortgage business.

For April we app’ed 1129 loans for $264M while funding 807 loans for $180M! That is our FOURTH MONTH IN A ROW OVER 1000 UNITS APP’ED and Second month of over 800 funded units and all more purchase than refi! We are moving above the 80% pull thru mark which means we should have at least two more 800+ funding months in May and June. Add on top of that 99% customer satisfaction and less than 40 days to close and the machine is unstoppable! When our loan officers are doing their homework, taking quality applications (not necessarily easy ones!) and being fully supported and balanced by an organized, service driven operations team, our service surpasses anyone in this industry. Where we don’t have that experience we all need to own that responsibility to get it right; because there is no excuse not to excel with the talents and tools at our disposal.

Because all of us see that the company is striving to do the right thing, we all  look out for the company so we can continue to have a home. A home is not a house, or necessarily big or beautiful; it is the right place for you and the place where you and those you consider family find yourselves the most comfortable. Home is where everyone does their part so it stays clean, safe and functional. Your guests (clients, customers, potential hires) all feel welcome and are happy to be back.

The house does not make the home, the people make the home. But the people put in the energy, creativity, and sweat equity that make a home special and unique.  It is typical that homes can suffer from deferred maintenance, become tired and too run down.  People can become too comfortable and lose perspective on their home. People stop visiting, self-justification takes over and excuses are plentiful.

Each one of us is guilty of running our personal business, desk, or position that way. We are guilty of it as a company. We have been blessed with refugees from firms who suffered from it. The difference is that we recognize it and will always hold the mirror to ourselves to be sure we never get too comfortable in our home or too uncomfortable being who we are to lose our identity of home. We can only ask you to do the same.

As I mention we are a fortunate union of MNET vets and Industry Vets, we realize there are a limited amount of good people who appreciate our home.... If we get it wrong, we know you will tell us or frankly vote that member out of the family.  But we also know we will have to grow our own from scratch as we did with many of you.

We are making the investment in MNet University to offer the training platform for a common curriculum that can ensure a standard level of education (which all of us can use continuing education as well!!). But the most important training will be from all of us, teaching beyond just the job skills but also injecting the culture and values that make this place a home for all of us. Again for our home to be able to live on under family control  we need to retain the best by taking care of the building and the people in it. We do this while breathing new life by adding other like-minded people and growing new generations who are chips off our old foundation, only better, and taught to learn from our mistakes.