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Points of No Return and Natural Selection

As the manufacturing costs cross the $4000/loan level on their way to $5K and LO comp stays firm with little alignment to the reality the company faces anymore the stakes become too high for many mortgage bankers to survive without adjustments. If you are below average in any of the performance categories (#1 being profit), you will be adversely selected and find yourself “merged” or Bradley-ed.

Or possibly you have made changes to the model, and brought your comp down by changing your operations model significantly or sales model significantly. With operations you either have gone Rocket by Tom Sawyer-ing the customer into doing much of the work themselves (which of course helps tremendously with the change in sales comp) or investing in the technology to disrupt the classic processor/underwriter/closer molds that have risen greatly in cost per loan. Working in India outsourcing for the grunt work and artificial intelligence with scanned data into a rewired workflow can change the model significantly and therefore the cost.

Service based platforms that are based on named people and not on “CSR2” titles are expensive but historically worth it because those individuals could win and control the customer. Of course refi business added a layer of business that cannot be counted on with any frequency going forward so a growing percentage of originators are less effective and their costs to support them have also gone up. No longer is it “ well it costs nothing to have them on the payroll, let’s keep them around and see if they do a deal or two”; the complexity of the business, the regulatory risk and the pure oxygen they take from the business requires 3 loan a month or they don’t cover their cost and risk.

But also those “service by individual” based businesses are frequently in competition with internet and institution based models where the LO comp is significantly less. These firms have invested plenty of funds into bringing their technology into this century so that they can play on a level playing field, plus product differentiation has for the most part drifted away. It is price-price-price and can you get this deal done and in time. 50 to 100 basis points difference in comp is easily .125-.25% in rate. And as my old boss said, any decent LO can sell a .125% but Christ couldn’t sell a quarter”. But every day I hear from LOs complaining about being uncompetitive to internet lenders and credit unions yet have no intention of changing a comp plan.

When you look closely at some of the names on the other side sure you see some new blood especially in the internet models but you see many traditional LOs who couldn’t do the 3/mo. and have come inside to make a base and small bonus. It is natural selection at work and important that everyone find their role; because the role of the internet and institutions ebbs and flows. In general there are many internet companies that went away after rates started their trek back up and refis began to vanish, but those that remained are quite good and are slowly figuring out purchase business. On the institution side, regulation has forced many smaller firms to eliminate their mortgage division or merge into larger firms, but again those that did survive have become much better at a lower cost and they really hate to pay commissions. So in both cases, the natural selection worked, eliminating a lot of the capacity and competition from the market, BUT, it left us with much stronger survivors who are a greater threat.

Don’t get me wrong there will always be commission based LOs but like stockbrokers of 30 years ago, technology and regulation has shrunk the universe and will only intensify. The good news is that like the group on the other side, there will continue to be less LOs but those that survive will be very strong and have adapted well.

So in the end the costs being so high to produce a loan in comp and regulation force other options to enter the business; just like $100 oil brought about fracking but that then brought about $30 oil due to supply. Disruption is beginning to occur and where it goes is wide open for conjecture. Hopefully some if it may be a change in regulation---see below

PS: A side note on the regulation, I think you will see increased enforcement actions prior to the elections in case a change comes in Washington. As much as I hate regulation through enforcement because it makes it impossible for the good guys to be sure they are actually following the law, heads need to role for those who purposefully ignore or skirt the rules. A level playing field needs to occur and the clarity will bring the cost to the consumer down.

Along those lines please read up on the PHH case before the DC Court of Appeals. The basic argument now is that CFPB and its Director personally are being called into question as to their powers and abilities and basically their existence. Read the comments of Judge Kavanaugh and you will not feel alone. Kavanaugh is a great American who was a year behind me in grade school through high school. No one worked harder in school or on the field or was more admired by their peers. A double Eli (Yale) he served in second chair to Ken Star in Whitewater investigation and was appointed by George W to the Appeals Court. He is a leader (quarterback, point guard) with a strong moral compass that doesn’t back down from any injustice he sees. I think if a Republican President ever gets into office he will be a Supreme Court nominee.

The Panel’s most heated questioning pertained to the structure of the CFPB, particularly that it is headed by a single director who is removable only by the President for cause.  Judge Kavanaugh observed that it is “very problematic” that such a powerful official was able to make a decision that aimed to overturn a practice long seen by companies as acceptable. “You are concentrating huge power in a single person and the president has no power over it,” Judge Kavanaugh said.  The CFPB has a “very unusual structure” that has “few precedents,” he added.  The Panel’s aggressive and sharp questioning of the CFPB may indicate a willingness to declare that the CFPB, in its present form, is unconstitutional and to order significant structural changes, including potentially the elimination of a single Director at the helm. - See more at:


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